Although the Network of Nature database is a great resource for filtering species by attributes and creating plant lists, it can sometimes be an overwhelming task if you aren’t sure where to start. Luckily, many local nature groups, Conservation Authorities, and Governments often have pre-made species lists highlighting native species for use in landscaping, gardening, and restoration. These lists are often tailored to the local area and a specific end target (butterfly garden, riparian restoration, shade garden, etc.).


We recommend the following tips when using the information provided on these lists:

  1. Treat them as a starting point only, not as a fully comprehensive list!

  2. Be sure to get the appropriate permits and approvals (if needed) for your species lists before planting anything.

  3. Use caution when considering “acceptable” non-native species, lists can become outdated and may not reflect current acceptable species use.  

Browse the compiled species lists available below for inspiration, and then head to your lists to get started on a custom list for the exact planting project you have in mind! 



Native Plant Revegetation Guidelines for Alberta – Appendix H: Available Native Plant Materials for Use on Public Lands in Alberta (2000)



Recommended Native Species List, BC - Appendix 2: Native Plant Species



The Invasive Species Council of Manitoba – Grow Me Instead



New Bruinswick Ecozone Native Pollinator Plants - David Suzuki Foundation



Southwest NS Uplands Ecozone Native Pollinator Plants - David Suzuki Foundation 

NS Highlands Ecozone Native Pollinator Plants - David Suzuki Foundation

South-Central NS Ecozone Native Pollinator Plants - David Suzuki Foundation



Ontario Invasive Plant Council – Grow Me Instead Southern Ontario, Grow Me Instead Northern Ontario, Grow Me Instead Southern Ontario FRENCH

City of Ottawa – Native Plants


ON Conservation Authorities

Find your local Conservation Authority (CA) here

Lower Thames CA – Choose the Right Tree

Conservation Halton – Seed Mixed Suitable for Our Watershed

Toronto and Region CA – Seed Mix Guidelines

Credit Valley Conservation – Prairie & Meadow Plants for Landscaping, Woodland Plants for Landscaping, Native Plant List for Migrating Birds



Native Trees and Shrubs – A collection of publications from the Macphail Woods Ecology Forestry Project

PEI Ecozone Native Pollinator Plants - David Suzuki Foundation



A.C.R.E – Naturescaping, Plant List Suggestions for the Chelsea Area  



Incorporating Native Plants and Grasses in your Saskatchewan landscape projects

25 Drought Tolerant Native Species for the Prairies