The Network of Nature is all about connecting people with plants. Like a network of roots, we want to foster connections with plant people across Canada and around the world. These connections will be the fertilizer that nurtures the growth of the Network and its community to cultivate collective knowledge of native plants, ecology, ecological restoration, and our natural world. Check back to this page frequently to see how our connections are budding!

Native Plant Societies

Flora QuebecaNorth American Native Plant Societywhite and yellow flowerNative Plant Society of British Columbia

Alberta Native Plant CouncilWildflower Society of Newfoundland and Labrador 


Native plant societies provide information on native plants and the natural environment; some native plant societies also host plant sales and/or seed exchanges.



Field Botany and Naturalist Groups

Blomidon Naturalists SocietyField Botanists of OntarioNature CalgaryThe New Brunswick Botany ClubNature Guelph


Field botany is the art and science of identification of plants in their natural habitat. Many field botany and naturalist groups organize outings to local natural areas led by keen botanists and wildlife biologists.



Ecological Restoration

SER: Society for Ecological Restoration







Ecological restoration is the science of repairing damaged ecosystems; many resources are available for both professionals and hobbyists to learn about ecological restoration principles and techniques.




Master Gardeners' Groups

The Master Gardener program, run throughout Canada and the USA, is an educational and volunteering program for avid gardeners to learn about plants and share their knowledge.



Master Naturalist Programs

These programs offer course and field based instructions for mature students to learn about all aspects of the natural world, from botany to wildlife to landforms and beyond.




Invasive Species Awareness Networks

Invasive species are present throughout Canada and can have major impacts on our natural ecosystems and plants. Invasive species programs have information on how to both identify and eradicate invasive species.



Tree Trust

Tree Trust, a program of the Elora Environment Centre, is a foundational program established in June 2019 after seeing a growing need to preserve the mature trees that offer a tremendous environmental value to both our community and the world at large. Our mission is to help preserve important legacy trees in communities across Southern Ontario. 



Pollination Groups

Pollination Guelph logo

Creating and conserving habitat in our gardens that promotes and protects pollinator wildlife.



• Pollination Guelph

• Bee City Canada

• Border Free Bees


This is not a comprehensive list and we want to keep growing!

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