Welcome to the Network of Nature!


The big news is finally here – CanPlant (managed by Dougan & Associates) has officially partnered with Canadian Geographic (CanGeo) and TD Bank to become – THE NETWORK OF NATURE!


What does this mean? CanPlant will now operate fully under the Network of Nature brand and identity. This partnership will provide more support to update, maintain, and improve the many free resources we offer Canadians, including the Canadian Plant Database, Native Nursery Finder, Mini Forest Hub, and so much more!


Along with a fresh new look, our transformation into the Network of Nature will be the start of many new, exciting, and innovative initiatives to connect Canadians to the native plant species all around them


What is the Network of Nature? 

As Network of Nature, we are building a national movement to engage Canadians in restoring native biodiversity on their balconies, in their backyards, and in their communities across the country. 


Network of Nature and our new partners intend to collaborate on a national education and mobilization effort, allowing Canadians from coast to coast to learn about the critical importance of the conservation and propagation of native plant species. 


Building a Network of Nature Across Canada

Across the country, we will work with Canadians to restore and fortify Canada’s unique biodiversity against the stresses of development and climate change, by inspiring individuals and organizations to plant native seeds, plants, and trees to establish a national network of native habitats.


Rallying Canadians in every province and territory, the Network of Nature will support the restoration of soil productivity and water resources, preserve biodiversity, strengthen habitats, and help mitigate the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, improving the environment for future generations


The Network of Nature project will:

  • partner with communities, municipalities, educators, corporations, and citizens to enhance urban greenspaces and naturalize developed areas, 
  • help establish and maintain the first-ever national database of all of Canada’s native plant species, 
  • bring together Indigenous and Western science experts and professionals across Canada to rally support for protecting and conserving Canada’s wild spaces and,
  • launch a national public awareness campaign in support of the biodiversity crisis.


CanPlant began 15 years ago as the Evergreen Native Plant Database, and we are so proud of how far it has come. This transition into the Network of Nature is just another stepping stone in our journey to inspire Canadians to plant native species.


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